Online Project Management

Providing on-line, real-time access.

By utilising our on-line portal tools, NZ Data can deliver a truly responsive and accurate service delivery to clients.

Following our Project Lifecycle, from first initiation to project completion all tasks are track and traced on-line for immediate response from NZ Data.

This on-line information is available to clients 24/7 and all data is updated in real-time, allowing true and accurate information for both internal management and end users. This online portal is customised to the client / project requirements and updates include percentage of task completed, notes, photos and attachments of supporting documentation.  


Project Phases


1. Project Initiation
Once a request for installation has been received, one of our experienced Account Managers will meet with you face to face to discuss your requirements.

An initial design and quotation is presented and once accepted, an internal Project Management tick sheet is created outlining all tasks required for managing the project.


2. Project Planning

A detailed Scope of Work (SoW) is created outlining all tasks / milestones that are required and timeframes to successfully complete the project. This includes ensuring the initial design has all the required components needed.

A job pack is created as well as all documentation including: floor plans, health & safety plans, material lists, quality assurance and customer sign off sheets etc. In addition an online PM (refer Project Login) is implemented which tracks the progress of the project.


3. Project Execution

The SoW and all information is transferred to the NZ Data site manager.

Materials are ordered and tracked by our Logistics Manager, the work is implemented and the online PM portal is updated weekly. An Operations and Maintenance Manual is written (if required).



4. Project Closure

The Job Pack is handed over, all documentation and signoff is completed, the online portal is updated and all warranty information is sourced and provided to the client. Maintenance contracts are put in place (if required).