Wireless Technology Specialists

Simplify your working environment with the flexibility of a wireless solution.

NZ Data have the tools and expertise to provide a secure, wireless solution you can depend on. Increase efficiency through improved data communications and create potential market opportunities with this fast paced technology.

Our extensive experience designing and installing within a diverse range of environments such as: warehouses, office buildings, cool-stores, educational campuses and vehicle ferries, ensures that NZ Data have the solution to all your wireless business needs.

NZ Data use industry leading analsysis and simulations tools to discover, diagnose and design for even the most ambitious wireless projects.

The tools that our technical team utilise include; 

    • Airmagnet Surveyor Pro
    • Airmagnet Wifi Analyser
    • Airmagnet Spectrum XT
    • Airmagnet Vofi Analyser
    • Cisco Spectrum Expert
    • Wireshark


Wireless Infrastructure Services include:

- Pre Installation Spectrum Analysis                                 - Pre & Post Site Surveys

- Wireless Performance Testing                                       - Wireless Integration

- Product Supply                                                               - Implementation

- Project Management                                                      - Online Quality Control & Documentation

- Parts & Labour Warranties


To find out more about the wireless solutions available - contact us today.