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Datacentre Infrastructure

We are a proven and reliable partner for all your Datacentre solution needs. 

If you are looking for a partner with extensive knowledge of the core physical or hardware - based resources and components - including all IT infrastructure devices, equipment and technologies - we can provide a solution to meet the needs of your environment and budget. 

A Datacentre infrastructure may include: 

  • Servers

  • Computers 

  • Networking equipment, such as routers or switches

  • Security, such as firewall or biometric security systems

  • Storage, such as a storage area network (SAN) or backup/tape storage 

  • Datacenter management software/applications. 

In can also include non-computing resources, such as:

  • Power and cooling devices i.e. air conditioners or generators

  • Physical server racks / chassis 

  • Cables 

  • Internet backbone 

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