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The business rules have changed every industry.

The Business rules have changed in every industry. The spread of Digital and disruptive technologies is transforming business models and processes, requiring leaders to be flexible and responsive, while maintaining solid business practices.

At NZ Data Digital (NZDD) we know that every client’s requirements are unique.  We offer you a digital engagement experience through an online business assessment portal as part of the initial discovery process. The results of the assessment are presented as a ‘heat-map’ gap assessment view highlighting current state, desired state and compared to the industry norm, to help you to prioritize areas of focus.

Our industry experts will offer guidance through the assessment process and if required, are able to co-ordinate and leverage our subject matter boutique specialist digital partners to deliver a full range of digital services.

Digital Transformation Solutions and technologies

NZ Data Digital was formed to develop service models and capability using emerging digital connectivity technologies and solutions. The delivery approach is to leverage boutique specialist and NZDD capability to offer an agile approach to the delivery of services. Forming teams co-ordinated by NZDD delivery leads offer our clients the ‘best-of-the-best’ delivery capability.

Digital Transformation Services Offered

Professional Services

  • Architecture - Architected solutions aligned to business outcomes

  • Consultancy - Access to Infrastructure subject matter experts for trusted advisory services, bid management and tender response management

  • Assessments - Leverage our specialists to assess your environment to provide current state, remediation recommendations and propose future state options (strategic focus)

  • Large scale deployments - Design, Build and Deployment

  • Transition Management – Testing, activation and transition to support

Procurement Services

  • Product Supply - NZ Data offer a wide range of Infrastructure and Datacentre products and can source Infrastructure specific for unique implementations

  • Product Deployment - NZ Data teams are trained on the leading brand technologies supported and deployments are to product specifications

Project Management 

  • Programme and Project management

  • Managed outcomes (end to end delivery)

  • Named Project Manager and resource team

  • Leveraging industry recognised project management methodologies

  • Accurate timeframe reporting

  • Financials and milestone reporting

  • Solution acceptance testing

  • As-built documentation

  • Transition Management to on-going operational support (Managed Services)

  • Agreed communication plan

  • Parts and Labour Warranties

Field and Support Services

  • Physical Infrastructure Incident and Fulfilment services (BAU)

  • Data Centre and Server Room services

  • Equipment provision, installation, removal and relocation services

Infrastructure Audit


NZ Data offer a range of physical infrastructure audits.  

The report produced by NZ Data includes an analysis of key infrastructure components such as:

  • Rack Audit: a full inventory of the communications cabinet

  • Rack Schematic: graphic display detailing all hardware

  • Network Topology: logical schematic detailing the physical interconnectivity, relationship and deployment of integral devices with the network

  • Cable Testing: report showing results of cable quality tests (outage required)

  • Wireless: Surveys, AP positioning and recommendations

The audit detail can be selected as a LITE, STANDARD, ADVANCED or can also be customized based on client specific requirements.

Logistics Management & Digital Equipment Prestaging and Physical Provisioning

Clients often do not want to deal with the process of procurement, warehousing, asset tagging, shipping and physical deployment of digital based equipment. NZ Data offer this as an end-end managed process service including the removal and configuration wipe and environmentally friendly disposal of old equipment.

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