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The Heartbeat of NZ Data.

Success isn't measured by how much you earn but rather how much you give away. 

Tinath New Generation Academy

Tinath New Generation Academy (TNGA) is a non-profit school, dedicated to providing free educational opportunities for the impoverished children of Boeung Salang village/slum. Boeung Salang village/slum is located along the northern reaches of the old railroad tracks in Russey Keo District of Phnom Penh.  Growing up in the Slums of Russey Keo does not allow much opportunity for self-improvement, and many of the children’s parents are either unemployed or working low wage jobs, therefore they cannot afford to send their children to school.

Em Tinath’s heart was to give hope to the children of Russey Keo, providing schooling on the English language, mathematics, computer skills, and teaching the kids how to make well-informed and healthy lifestyle choices. 

TNGA firmly believes that a strong educational foundation is fundamental to helping children acquire the tools, motivation, and the self-confidence to unlock opportunities for growth.

NZ Data has been supporting Tinath New Generation Academy for the past five years by paying the full running costs of the school, including upkeep such as new stationery, desks, and resources.

We Support:

New Hope for Orphans Organization

New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) was established in 1999 with the aim to care for the orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children of Cambodia. To date, N.H.O has been given enough capacity in both human resources and project management to be able to run 13 orphanages and 1 university student centre. These projects have been able to provide care for just under 400 children, teenagers, youths, and 20 university students as well.

For the past five years, NZ Data has supported New Hope for Orphans.


 This has been by way of:

  • paying the salaries for the house parents of the Orphanage Homes.

  • Sponsoring the build of a new Home in Kampot, Cambodia

  • Sponsoring the schooling items in all of the homes such as the uniforms, books and stationery.

  • Sponsoring the New Hope Farm start up to create sustainable income for New Hope.


I Love Cambodia

The “I Love Cambodia Project” (ILC) was formed by Ps Vanna Srun in response to the burden God placed on his heart for helping the underprivileged in his society in Cambodia.  ILC births hope in those trapped beneath the poverty line by offering children an education. These students are taught how to read and write in English while being provided with training to improve their self-confidence, social dignity, and self-esteem. ILC also has a Medical Care vision where they provide care for the orphans and staff in their community.

NZ Data supports the mission of the I Love Cambodia project by sponsoring half of the running costs for both the schools and churches.

Sabeto Village, Fiji

Sabeto Village is a close-knit community of around 200 homes with approximately 1,000 people.  The people of Sabeto have been close to our hearts at NZ Data and we have supported them financially in many ways over the last few years. Most recently, we were able to gift the village with a tractor. After cyclone Winston, all crops were destroyed and there were no means of reploughing the fields. With gifting them the tractor, they were able to get back on their feet quickly to be able to get crops back and food for the village.

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