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Fire Protection

CCTV and Security Systems play an important role in modern organisations. Effective and efficient systems can not only deter crime but provide critical, auditable data for tracking not only personnel but assets and products alike.

Our fire protection division specializes in the complete range of fire protection systems designed to protect your business, your building and your people. All our protection systems are installed by experienced and qualified technicians who comply with NZS 4512 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and NZS 4541 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, so you have peace of mind that our work is performed to the highest standard. 

We also offer IQP-registered technicians providing you with your mandatory Building Warrant of Fitness solutions. 

From an additional fire extinguisher to a complete building design and installation, we have the experience, the technical knowledge and dedicated backing to provide your business with a fire protection solution. 

Our technical team will visit your site and complete a fire report to determine your risk and deliver back to you a complete plan to enable you to understand your fire risk position. 

Fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, smoke and fire-doors plus testing and building warrant of fitness services. 

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