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Simplify your working environment with the flexibility of a wireless solution. Increase efficiency through improved data communications and create potential market opportunities with this fast-paced technology.

NZ Data Digital have the tools and expertise to provide a secure, wireless solution you can depend on. Our extensive experience designing and installing within a diverse range of environments such as: warehouses, office buildings, cool-stores, educational campuses and marine, ensures that NZDD have the solution to all your wireless business needs.

Wireless Infrastructure Services include:

  • Pre-Installation Spectrum Analysis

  • Pre & Post Site Surveys

  • Wireless Performance Testing

  • Wireless Integration

  • Product Supply 

  • Design and Implementation

  • Project Management

  • As-built Documentation

  • Parts & Labour Warranties

  • Problem troubleshooting

  • Design reviews

NZ Data has the tools and expertise to provide and implement a wide range of technology solutions. 

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